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What our solution offers

Membership management

AICOS helps cooperatives with members and have to deal with all the tasks that come with it – such as groups/zones management, member renewals, membership directories, events, newsletters, group and more!


Our tools gives you a better way to keep track of all changes of your stack on daily basis like, crops comming in or crops going out and helps you to know who to pay how much and when.

Monitoring &

AICOS helps cooperatives to track implementation and outputs systematically, and measure the effectiveness of cooperative. It helps determine exactly when a cooperative is on track and when changes may be needed.

Accounting &

With AICOS, Cooperative creates a spending plan allows it to determine in advance whether it will have enough money to do the things it need to do or would like to do. AICOS simplify balancing its expenses with its income.

Data analysis &

Explore your cooperative's data to improve decision making, with real-time data reports and analytics. Chart, map and export data captured. Leverage powerful filters to create & share insights. Visualize trends, comparative analysis and variations within your data all on the web dashboard – no need for a 3rd party software.

Automatic report generation

With AICOS, Cooperatives are able to automate the process of creating reports and share reports with all their stakeholders with customised dashboards, respectively.


Some of our Happy Clients

Cooperatives from all sectors, levels and ownership love and use AICOS and we happily work together to build the platform based on the user's needs.

  • Tea

    Ferwacothe: Fédération Rwandaise des Coopératives de Théiculteurs

    Tea farmers federation
  • Rice

    Fucorirwa: Fédération des Unions des Coopératives Rizicoles au Rwanda

    Rice farmers federation
  • Coffee

    Kopakaki: Cooperative of coffee farmers of Kibuye

    Coffee farmers cooperative


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